Directors tour Bali 2019 Directors tour Bali 2019
We believe that caring for children begins with looking after their carers. It is therefore extremely important for us to look after the well-being of our wonderful team of educators. For our annual directors’ retreat this year we flew the group to Bali for a well-deserved break and to show our appreciation for all of […]
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Transition to school Transition to school
Starting school is one of the major transitions individuals make throughout their lives. Some children may be eager and excited for the changes, whilst others may have some anxiety and concerns. When children, families, communities and schools work in partnership it helps to ensure a successful transition for each individual child. Working together to support […]
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Our Involvement with Charity Organisations – Rosebery Our Involvement with Charity Organisations – Rosebery
At Learn and Laugh Rosebery, it is our great pleasure to contribute to charity organisations. We have raised money for many different charities including Bear Cottage, Jeans for Genes, Cancer Council, Salvation Army and The Pyjama Foundation. Just this week, we are raising money for the RSPCA by taking part in their Cupcake Day campaign. […]
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Love of food in Alexandria centre Love of food in Alexandria centre
Hello! Here at Learn and Laugh Alexandria we promote healthy eating and the love of food. Our mealtimes are a beautiful chance to sit down with the children and babies to simply enjoy! We enjoy their company as we have meaningful conversations with the children. We enjoy the lovely pauses mealtimes provide throughout our energetic […]
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Excursions at Wyoming Excursions at Wyoming
At Learn and Laugh Wyoming we enjoy going on excursions to our local community. Excursions form a vital part of a child’s early education. They expose a child to a range of different experiences and enable them to gain a sense of the world in which they find themselves. Excursions encourage a child to embrace […]
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Events at our Rosebery centre Events at our Rosebery centre
At Learn and Laugh Rosebery, we are very passionate about our community and its involvement in our service. We invite our community in to our service as well as host family events. School Performance Tours Each year, we schedule educational shows with School Performance Tours. These shows are interactive and purposeful and the children love […]
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