Wellness Wednesdays for our Well-being Wellness Wednesdays for our Well-being
In today’s current climate, as a culture, we’ve got a great awareness of our well-being. From running, sunrise swims, “getting the steps in”, yoga by the beach, as well as our many markets with fresh healthy food; physical well-being is an aspect there are no shortages off. Holistically, our well-being is a lot more than […]
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Connecting with Country Connecting with Country
Learn and Laugh Hornsby is located within the Hornsby Shire, where we recognise the Traditional Owners of the land, the Darug and GuriNgai peoples. We acknowledge their ongoing connection to Country and pay respect to their Ancestors and Elders past and present and to their Heritage. At Learn and Laugh we strive to embed indigenous culture […]
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Incursions and excursions in Lewisham Incursions and excursions in Lewisham
We believe that children learn best by having real, hands-on experiences. In Lewisham, we love going out and about exploring our local community and creating links with the people and resources in our area. We have been lucky enough to have made some amazing relationships with our local aged care facility, the children went up […]
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Learn & Laugh Marrickville Learn & Laugh Marrickville
We are excited to be joining the Marrickville community. Our brand new centre is located on Ivanhoe Street, in a quiet part of Marrickville. Landscaping work commenced last week. And we are getting ready to start  the room set-up in the first week of June. Once the set-up is finalised we can start having families […]
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Collaborative relationships with our community Collaborative relationships with our community
‘Fundamental to the Framework is a view of children’s lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming. From before birth children are connected to family, community, culture and place.’- The Early Years Learning Framework. Community connections can give children a sense of belonging which can help them develop a range of social and emotional skills. […]
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Directors’ retreat Bali 2023 Directors’ retreat Bali 2023
At Learn and Laugh we always believe that caring for children begins with looking after their carers. That, of course, includes their educators. It is therefore extremely important for us to look after the well-being of our wonderful team of educators. One of the ways we hope to accomplish this goal is by facilitating an […]
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