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Learn and Laugh was established in 2007. Even though we have expanded since then, we are still a small, family-operated business at heart, with ten Early Learning Centres in and around Sydney.

explore and learn in great environments

High Quality Care & Learning
We take great pride in the high quality of care and learning we offer, thanks to what we believe to be the best team around, in beautifully presented Centres.
We are more than just a childcare facility, we offer interesting and challenging programs that are tailored to the children’s curiosity and interest.

Our wonderful team
We consider our team to be our greatest asset. We aim to maintain a consistent team that strives for professional excellence in their practice.
Since we are in the business of servicing the community, we know that the true measure of our success relies on the quality of our team, and we are very proud of their commitment, dedication and passion.

We believe that we have a significant role to play in the important early stage of children’s lives. This belief helps us to form the foundation of our philosophy and practice, and emphasises our commitment to our children, their families and our community.
A common misconception around child-care /long-day-care is that they do not provide the same educational program as preschool does. This could not be further from the truth. Each early childhood education and care service in Australia is assessed and ranked based on the National Quality Standard (NQS). Within the NQS, the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) is used by educators in each service to inform their program and to help provide positive and high-quality learning outcomes for all children.

Above and beyond
Nutritiously balanced and multi-cultural meals are prepared by our full-time chefs including breakfast, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Nappies and sheet’s laundering (for babies) are also provided. We also offer a special dinner service to help ease the load on busy parents beyond the hours of child care.

High Quality Care & Learning

We believe that the first five years of a child’s life sets up their social, emotional and physical well-being.

The early years of a child’s life is the optimal time to lay the foundations of Learning.  Research indicates that most of a child’s learning is established by the time the child turns five. This highlights the importance of quality early childhood education.

Early childhood education helps children master their thinking skills from a young age. Encourages them to have the courage and resilience to think differently, guides them towards solving problems and having the skills to communicate and resolve conflicts. All of this, while also developing a strong social conscience and an awareness of the environment, their peers and the world around them.

All Australian children’s services are now under the same umbrella with
the National Quality Framework and use the Early Years Learning
Framework to support the development of curriculum. Standards are in
place so you can relax knowing that our long day care center offers a caring, safe and engaging early childhood / preschool programs that will
ready your child not just for school but for life. We nurture each child’s
social and emotional growth and encourage a love of learning so when
children do start kindergarten, they will have the desired skills to thrive.

Programs are tailored to include opportunities for children to
participate in a wide range of experience that enhance all areas of
development. Guided by the child’s interests, we tailor make a program that includes all the domains of learning through play based experiences. That includes Stem, creative and visual arts, maths, literacy, science, sensory play, music and movement, social justice, etc.

Our Educators

We believe that the most substantial part of our quality service is our team. We have a strong focus on our people, value them for their passion, commitment and personal contribution.

Encouraging new pathways

We value our reputation and are consistent in the delivery of our expected high standard.

We believe in our educators training and professional development and invest heavily in it. Not only is it a good way to attract good candidates but it proves to our educators that they are valued and appreciated. In return our team feels a strong connection and we are able to maintain a consistent team that strives for professional excellence in their practice.


We consider it an honour to be able to work with children.

It is our mission to develop supportive and trusting partnership with families to help support the best possible start for each child.

We understand it is not an easy decision when looking an early learning centre. The educators and program will be a large part of your child’s life and this has to be a confident choice.

We strive to develop meaningful and supportive relationships with our families based on respect, open communication and shared goals. We acknowledge and celebrate the diversity of nationalities, cultures and beliefs in our community. We also work hard to provide an inclusive and supportive environment for all children and families which recognizes each child and family as unique and special.

We believe children deserve to feel a strong sense of belonging to our centre. We work to develop a warm, nurturing and home like environment which are thoughtfully and intentionally prepared for all the children. We take time to develop routines that are responsive to the ones families have at home, to provide a sense of security and consistency, especially for our youngest children.

During the early years we understand that patience and understanding along with quality interactions with educators help to guide the children through difficult situations. Our trained early child educators work hand in hand with you to encourage and support children to achieve their potential.

Story time inspires new connections

Above and beyond

We at Learn and Laugh always try to extend our support to families above and beyond.

variety of daily meals

At Learn and Laugh we take great pride in the fact that all our menus are planned by our qualified cooks and all our meals are freshly made on the premises of each centre.

Our menus include breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack, which ensures all children are provided with more than half of their daily nutrition requirements.

We use a variety of resources to plan our weekly menus with the right balance of nutrition that children in long day care need for optimal growth and development.

Our cooks plan seasonal menus, taking into consideration the children’s favourites, gathered by talking to the children each day at meal times. We also offer a variety of meals to expose the children to different tastes, textures and cultures.

We ensure that the food provided is chosen having regard to the dietary requirements of individual children, taking into account any specific cultural, religious or health requirements, such as allergies and special intolerances.

Where possible we aim to use the fresh produce from our gardens as much as we can such as herbs and vegetables that are in season.  The children and educators work hard to grow vegetables and love to watch and document the process right up to when it is cooked and finally eaten.


One of the ways we try to support our families, beyond the operating hours of child-care, is by offering freshly-made delicious dinners for parents to take home when they pick up their children at the end of a busy day. This ensures that busy parents have more time to spend with their children in the evenings.

Olivia, who’s child attends our Rosebery centre says she loves the take away dinners: “We absolutely love the dinner service. The bolognese is delicious and it’s such a relief to not have to worry about dinner after a long day at work and day-care. I have mentioned it to my friends, whose children are also at daycare, and they wish it was available for them. It is such a thoughtful service!”

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