In today’s current climate, as a culture, we’ve got a great awareness of our well-being. From running, sunrise swims, “getting the steps in”, yoga by the beach, as well as our many markets with fresh healthy food; physical well-being is an aspect there are no shortages off.

Holistically, our well-being is a lot more than looking after ourselves physically & we need to remember to include this in our day to day lives to make sure we’re looking after ourselves as a whole.

In May, we introduced wellness Wednesdays to L&L Alexandria, an incentive for staff, to focus on other aspects of their health.

As working adults, we spend a lot of time in our work place, so this is a perfect place to give the team calming Mandela colouring stencils to unwind for 20 minutes of their lunch, challenging riddles to get their minds thinking throughout the day (with, of course, a prize for the correct answer, to keep it exciting), breathing exercises, podcast suggestions, hydration stations & lots of day-to-day elements they can introduce into their lives for their overall well-being.

This has been a great assist to our team here in Alexandria. The team has filtered it through in practice with our kids, incorporating yoga along with calming corners within our rooms.

“I love wellness Wednesdays! As a team, we look forward to what has been planned every week”- Maribie, nursery room.

This practice is taking place in other L&L centres and we’re excited to see how they get involved.