At Learn and Laugh Rosebery, it is our great pleasure to contribute to charity organisations. We have raised money for many different charities including Bear Cottage, Jeans for Genes, Cancer Council, Salvation Army and The Pyjama Foundation.

Just this week, we are raising money for the RSPCA by taking part in their Cupcake Day campaign. The children helped to bake some cupcakes and homemade dog treats which were then available for purchase. All proceeds will go directly to the RSPCA.



Each month Learn and Laugh Rosebery, as well as our other centres, cook some meals for the Will 2 Live organisation. Will 2 Live is a charity that provides the homeless with over 700 meals each week at Central Station. Will Hawes, the founder started this organisation in 2012. He used to make sandwiches at home and distribute them. Now, with the help of the community he has bought a van and is able to reach more people. Will 2 Live host barbecues, distributes clothes, toiletries, bedding and a non-judgemental listening ear. The children at Learn and Laugh help to cook the meals that are then provided to the homeless.

The educators at Learn and Laugh talk to the children about how they are helping other people and the importance of giving back to our community.  They know that they are making a difference to someone’s day. We are proud to promote generosity. During a conversation with one of the children from the Senior Preschool room she stated that “it’s good to help the homeless. They don’t have homes and sleep on the path. They don’t have toothpaste. When we give them dinner, it’s super kind.”