All of our centres have lovely pets.

Lewisham‘s chickens’ names are: Goosey Loosey and Elsa.

Elsa is a Leghorn and Goosey Loosey is an Isa Brown. They got their names after the children gave suggestions and then everyone in the centre voted over a few weeks.

Goosey Loosey and Elsa reside in the preschool playground, though all groups come to visit them and help care for them. A highlight for children is discovering when they have laid eggs.

They love to eat the centre’s scraps and we have planted some of their favourite herbs and veggies in the garden to help sustain them.

Wyoming‘s chickens are Henny and Penny. Wyoming also have 2 Lizards, their names are Bazza and Shazza.

There are two boy Guinea pigs at Alexandria and their names are Kakadu and Cavi.

Hornby‘s guinea pigs are spud and peanut.

Drummoyne‘s guinea pigs’ names are Twisite (girl) and Bolt (boy).

These were also selected by the children. Each room selected their top 3 boy and girl names, and then the children, parents and staff, all voted together.

Rosebery have two rabbits. Their names are Rose and Penelope.

This is their “home”. At night our educators cover it with blankets to keep them warm.


Young children enjoy the responsibility of helping care for pets, under careful supervision of course, to handle the pet appropriately and hygienically.  We teach the children to wash their hands any time they touch animals .

Having a pet to talk to and touch can be a great benefit to children in child care, especially shy youngsters. Children can learn responsibility by caring for a pet and enjoy watching them play and eat.