Once a month all of our lovely directors get together, each time at a different location.

This is a great opportunity for them to get to see the different environments set up at each centre since it enriches their conceptions.

Also, meeting face to face, enhances their connection and farther develop their already close network of supporting each other.

This is what Antoinette, Rosebery’s director had to say. “I find the Director’s meetings so beneficial as it allows us the chance to bounce ideas of each other. It gives us time to professionally develop and look into new opportunities to continually give quality care to our families and educators”.

Melissa, Lewisham’s director, says: “The meetings are a great opportunity to network with other Directors, to discuss ideas and enhance our skills and knowledge. Coming together contributes my sense of belonging and support within Learn and Laugh, it also great to see and to be inspired by the wonderful work that other centres are engaged in”.

Jennifer, Alexandria’s co-director, says: “I love attending our Director’s Meetings as it gives us all a chance to network and inspire each other.  The constant support offered through our monthly meetings means no issue is too big to tackle and we can always be evolving and bettering our centres.”

“They say it takes a village to raise a child.” Says Serene, Alexandria’s c0-director.  “When we gather as Directors we network, form relationships and share our own personal and centre’s individual beliefs, values and ideas that connect and bind us together to work as a team and enhance our family of centres to provide the best possible care for the children, their families and also the team members we work alongside with.”

Megan, Hornsby’s director, says: “The collective knowledge and years of experience of my fellow Directors is an invaluable resource to tap into in order to continually improve practices in our individual centres. I am so grateful our management team allow us this opportunity to engage face to face, to share and bounce ideas off one another”.