Our curriculum: The Early Year’s Learning Framework principal’s pinpoints respect for diversity. Here, we educate our children on respecting diversity by valuing and reflecting on practices, beliefs and values of others and honouring cultures, our history, traditions and choices. We recognise that diversity contributes to the richness of our society.

For Australia this means promoting a greater understanding and awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders ways of being and knowing. Teaching our children about Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture, ways of life and the reconciliation process promotes an inclusive service holding their unique status of being the first people of Australia.

Our children share a rich understanding of our country’s history, ways of being such as the science of the seasons, plants and how nature is intertwined into all aspects of their culture. Implementing all of this to acknowledge and understand how the land, the water and the sky is central to their culture.


At Learn and Laugh Drummoyne our service promotes awareness and understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait culture through hands on learning experiences such as;

  • acknowledging our land and country each day.
  • learning of native and indigenous plants that are both medicinal and editable. We then extend this learning and understanding by cooking with the children using these ingredients. Our children planted and care for these plants within our bush tucker garden.
  • Our children explore the language of Dharug learning of songs, greetings and expressions.
  • Together all of our Learn and Laugh centres participate and contribute to our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP).
  • Children explore ways of knowing through interactive experiences such as yarning circles or a talking stick which allows our children to talk, listen and share stories and ideas.
  • Arts and crafts and using natural resources, ochre painting and cave painting exploring creativity and ways of expression.
  • Our children have learnt of Aboriginal Astronomy learning of the weather, direction and when to collect food.
  • Traditional games from all over Australia, some of our favourite games include- Kolchee and Tarnammbai.