We re-opened on Wednesday 2nd January and a new year of Learning and Laughing has begun.

Over the next weeks we will welcome a lot of new children and we try to help everyone to get off to a great start!

Begin with Baby Steps – Stay and Play

If the idea of simply dropping off your child at Child-care and saying goodbye seems like a bit too much too soon, either for you or your child, you have the opportunity to ‘stay and play’. Once your child is enrolled at the centre you can book in for stay and play visits. This will give both of you a chance to get familiar with the centre as well as with the educators who will be taking care of the children during the day. You will also have a chance to ask the educators any questions and to let them know about your child’s routines, interests or any other relevant information.

During the stay and play visits, it’s beneficial to show your child around the centre so they become familiar with the location of the play areas, the toilets and their locker or hook for their bag. In the lead-up to your child’s first day you can remind them of these locations and discuss the overall daily experience with them, from drop-off to pick-up.

On their First Day

Starting this new journey can bring up all sorts of emotions, from nervousness to excitement, and the educators are there to support you and your child every step of the way. Some children will jump right in whilst other kids might need a little more time to feel settled. It’s all normal but it’s worth giving yourself plenty of time on the first day just in case. You can feel confident knowing that our experienced educators will make your child feel safe, secure and comfortable, and you can call at any time during the day to see how your child is going. Before leaving, remind them where their bag and belongings are kept and reassure them that you’ll be back later in the day to pick them up.

What to Bring?

Every day it’s best if your child arrives with a bag containing a water bottle and spare clothing for varying weather conditions (and a few extras if they are toilet training). All items should be clearly labelled.  We provide dairy milk but if your child has bottles of formula or expressed breast milk, please label the bottles or containers and bring them in. You are also very welcome to come in and feed your child at any time of the day (we are breastfeeding friendly). Bed linen is provided for children in our Nursery and Toddler groups but for those in other groups who would like bed linen, we recommend cot-sized sheets placed in a bag or pillow slip for easy storage.

We are sun smart and provide your child with a wide-brimmed labelled sunhat as well as sunscreen applications throughout the day.


The Morning Drop-off Routine

The health and safety of all children in the centre is a top priority so it’s important to wash your hands and your child’s hands and then sign them in at the front entrance. If you haven’t applied sunscreen at home, you can apply it at the centre. Before you take your child to their educators, put their bag in their locker or on the hook provided. If there is any news or important information regarding your child, let the educators know – it could be that your child had a bad night’s sleep, they’re teething, they had a fall, you’re having visitors staying with you, that there’s a big family event coming up or anything else you feel is relevant. When the time comes to say goodbye, let your child know that you’ll be back later in the day.

At Pick-up Time

When you come to collect your child, remember to sign them out at the front entrance. Feel free to have a chat with the educators to find out about your child’s day. When your child is ready, go with them to get their bag and belongings and in the interest of good hygiene, wash your hands and your child’s hands on the way out.

We hope you all had a lovely break and we’re looking forward to seeing you soon!