At Learn and Laugh we always believe that caring for children begins with looking after their carers. That, of course, includes their educators.

It is therefore extremely important for us to look after the well-being of our wonderful team of educators.

One of the ways we hope to accomplish this goal is by facilitating an annual retreat for our leading staff. To provide them with the opportunity to relax, refresh and recharge. It allows our directors to deepen connections and have a well-deserved break.

Last year, once COVID restrictions eased, we were finally able to resume our international retreats by taking the leadership team to Fiji in May 2022.

This year we returned to Bali for a well-deserved break and to show our appreciation for all of their hard work.

Jennifer, co-director of our Alexnadria center reflects: “Wow, what an amazing experience we shared in Bali.   Our team of directors absolutely strengthened through shared experiences of travelling, eating good food and having lots of laughs together.  As directors we tend to always be planning and focusing on others, but once a year we “turn off” and reset .  On these retreats everything is thought of, and the time together just flows .  So grateful to be part of such an amazing company that really cares about our wellbeing and happiness.

Kyla, our new Wyoming centre’s director: “The Bali Retreat was amazing, I felt as a new director it brought me out of my comfort zone as I got to know the other directors on more of a personal level which was great. It was good to mingle with different directors each day and share different experiences we have each faced since being in the director role.”

Luan, our Rosebery centre’s director shared the following insight about his experience: Spending quality time with your colleagues in an environment designed for rest and relaxation was a valuable opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals who share the same goals and ideas. Productivity is not only relating to monetary value but it’s also about sharing experiences and bringing a network of people closer together. Very grateful to our wonderful Learn & Laugh leaders who made it all possible.”

Gemma, Director of  Radwick centre: Our yearly Director’s retreat allows us to feel appreciated, acknowledged as well as creating an opportunity to spend quality time with other directors in the team. This allows us to share ideas, work in partnership whilst relaxing and restoring equilibrium. A true work/life balance”.


Words from Melissa S., director of our up coming centre in Marrickville: I had an amazing time getting to know the directors on a personal level while sharing and creating long life memories which I will forever treasure. This directors retreat helped me learn to trust others and venture out of my comfort zone. During the retreat we talked about work which is always inevitable and through these conversations I was able to learn things from others and also share ideas which allowed us to collaborate whilst refuelling our tanks. This retreat allowed us to witness the full potential of our teams as they all worked together and showcased their hard work and ability to lead.


Melissa W., our area manager summarises: “Our recent trip to Bali provided a wonderful opportunity to strengthen relationships and build stronger support networks amongst the Learn and Laugh Management Team. Spending time together in this context also fostered relationships & deeper connections between our Centre Leaders. This has increased our ability to understand and see everyone’s unique strengths, skills, needs & interests.

Apart from the great team bonding experience, we were able to explore and learn about Balinese culture, take in the beautiful sights, visit many amazing places, all the while nourishing our minds, bodies & souls.