Children’s interests and the world around them Children’s interests and the world around them
Children are naturally curious. Through play, children are given opportunity to wonder, explore, hypothesise, and discover. This can be evident in both individual and collaborative group play experiences. As part of stimulating a child’s natural desire to play, we give children the opportunity to role-play and explore their personality through different situations and challenges. It […]
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Connections and new procedures Connections and new procedures
Our core principal of connection became even more meaningful, during these past months as the world kept changing around us. This time has emphasized to us all the value of our community. Our wonderful team of educators continued to come together, planning and implementing programs that stimulated all of our children. The children loved having […]
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Bushfires, Droughts and Connection to our Environment Bushfires, Droughts and Connection to our Environment
Over the last months all of our families and friends across our six centres would have experienced the impact of the Bushfires and Drought in different ways. Some areas were concerned of local bushlands catching fires, others had to stay inside during heavy air pollution and most experienced smoke or ashes falling from above. Most […]
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Congratulations Class of 2019 Congratulations Class of 2019
Congratulations to all of our 2019 Graduates! Last week we held very special graduation ceremonies for our preschool children. We are so proud of you and cannot wait to see you thrive at big school! Drummoyne   Hornsby   Rosebery   Lewisham   Alexandria   Wyoming      
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Directors tour Bali 2019 Directors tour Bali 2019
We believe that caring for children begins with looking after their carers. It is therefore extremely important for us to look after the well-being of our wonderful team of educators. For our annual directors’ retreat this year we flew the group to Bali for a well-deserved break and to show our appreciation for all of […]
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Transition to school Transition to school
Starting school is one of the major transitions individuals make throughout their lives. Some children may be eager and excited for the changes, whilst others may have some anxiety and concerns. When children, families, communities and schools work in partnership it helps to ensure a successful transition for each individual child. Working together to support […]
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